Authentication With Official Identity

Enable real-time, on-demand verification of user identities and sharing of personal information through a reusable digital identity solution.

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Digital Trust

Equivalent to an ID document presentation in the physical world

Conversion Ratio

92% success rate on the first try, thanks to our AI-based user assistance

User Experience

Eliminate repetitive tasks by streamlining the process of verifying user identities


Our patented technology ensures the integrity of the digital ID

How It Works

The Future of Identity Management
Ensure that your customers have a seamless and unified end-to-end experience at every touchpoint.
Trigger a request with a simple notification

Request ID verification or personal data sharing by sending a request on your business application.

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User agrees with a smile

User authenticates with official identity, accepts sharing or verification with a simple smile.

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ShareID verifies in real time

ShareID verifies the digital identity used has not been tampered with, is owned by the user, and is authentic before verifying the data shared.

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Our technology

Authentication with official identity

Increase conversion ratio, reduce churn rate and get rid of integration hurdles with a single plug & play integration with our Authentication-as-a-Service solution

Remote identity verification

Increase conversion ratio, digitize your ID verification process and get rid of integration hurdles with a single plug & play integration with our ID verification solution

Documents authenticity

Get rid of fraud without impacting your user journey with our documents authenticity solution

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Authentication With Official Identity

Increase your conversion ratio, reduce your churn rate, and get rid of integration hurdles with a single plug & play integration with our Authentication-as-a-Service solution.

Our Technology

Our proprietary and patented technology uniquely positions us to meet your needs
  1. AI-based document authentication with 120+ country coverage
  2. Liveness detection and anti-spoofing algorithms
  3. Patented technology for digital identity issuance
  4. Patented biometric chain encryption for personal data security
AI precision on documents authenticity
Personnal storage
conversion ratio at first attempt
Personnal data security

Our Offers

Everything your business needs for Identity Management
3 offers to best meet your needs

Identity Verification

Documents authentication
Liveness detection
Data extraction
Free trial 30 days
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Authenticate & Share

ID based authentication
Personal data requests and sharing
Real time identity verification
Free trial 30 days
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Build Your Own

Access to ID authentication APIs
Access to personal data extraction APIs
Access to liveness detection APIs
Free trial 30 days
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Our Engagement

A user-centric AI-based technology

Improve the user experience during identity verification operations and drive growth by making your customers the focus of your digital strategy.

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Our SDKs

A quick and easy integration

With ShareID, you can be ready to go in just 48 hours. Our easy-to-integrate SDKs enable your organization to quickly implement and gain a competitive advantage.

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Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority

We value privacy and our patented technology ensures we don't store any personal data shared.

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